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Monday, 5 December 2011

Tolerance may be harder to spread than Tony Blair and John Kerry imagine

Tony Blair and John Kerry gave a joint session on Friday to a class at Yale as part of Blair's Faith Foundation work, which was livestreamedacross the internet to an audience that fluctuated between 50 and 70. The 6,999,999,930 of you who didn't listen in missed something valuable.
Seven years ago, they were among the most powerful people on the planet. They're still very good politicians. They're smart, but not intellectuals: they are interested in changing the world rather than understanding it, and it is as practical men trying to change the world that they have come to the conclusion that religion matters, won't go away, and will matter more and more.
Their programme of informed tolerance between the major world religions is obviously a good thing in itself. The problem is that it rests on some huge and wobbly assumptions.
Some Muslims believe that everyone in the world is born a Muslim, but unfortunate billions are confused by their parents into believing that they are Christians, Hindus, or atheists. And what struck me, listening to Blair and Kerry talking about the Arab spring, was that they really believe that every child in the world is born a little democrat: it's just that billions are brought up to believe that they are really autocrats, or fundamentalists, or even communists instead. Read more...

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