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Monday, 5 December 2011

Spiritual practice is a lot closer to art than science

Unlike the White Queen, who found it easy to believe six impossible things before breakfast, a lot of people have difficulties with those of us who follow a spiritual practice, and yet who advocate science (my PhD is in history and philosophy of science, and I'm a practising pagan).
It would obviously be disingenuous to claim there's no tension between the two. I have issues with anyone who tries to claim that science is unworkable – creationists who deny evidence for past history, yet are happy to benefit from the products of the methodology that they otherwise deny. Nor am I able to provide scientific evidence for the existence of God (any of them), otherwise I wouldn't be writing this now. I have a lot of sympathy for atheists. I think that the basis for their arguments is – from a scientific point of view – pretty sound.
However, for me, spiritual practice is a lot closer to art than science. It's outside the realm of a set of testable hypotheses (current attempts to link magic to quantum theory, for example, just don't work). Some religious practitioners make absolutist claims for their beliefs: I've no interest in doing this, nor do I have any interest in converting people, which is doubtless a relief to anyone who has feared finding me on their doorstep asking if they'd like to know more about Odin. Read more...

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