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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Catholic faith schools in academy switch

Dozens of faith schools in England are preparing to switch to become academies in the next six months.
The Catholic Church had at first been cautious about their schools becoming academies, which are semi-independent but state-funded.
But in the past few months, nearly 40 have converted and many are expected to follow in the next six months.
Secularists say the changes will "unleash an evangelistic approach to education".
Nearly 800 Church of England and Catholic schools have registered an interest with the Department for Education about becoming an academy.
And nearly 140 had converted by early November - 100 Church of England schools and 39 Catholic.
Another 34 applications from C of E and Catholic schools have been approved, as have 19 from other Christian denominations, meaning they could convert in the near future.
A total of 14 Jewish faith schools have become academies and applications from seven more have been approved. Read more...

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